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Marj Plumb is dedicated to creating change in the world by strengthening the leadership abilities of people working for social justice.

Policy Advocacy Training Programs more>

Director, Women’s Policy Institute more>

Director, Reach the Decision Makers more>

Training Director, Women’s Policy Institute Replication Project more>

Strategic Planning more>

Facilitator, Partnership to Advance Breast Cancer Research more>

Facilitator, Special Research Initiatives more>

Collaboration Coordinator, California Breast and Gynecological Cancer Treatment Task Force more>

Facilitator, International Summit on Breast Cancer and the Environment more>

Community-Based Participatory Research more>

Lead Trainer, Community-Based Research Infrastructure for Better Science more>

Consultant, Community Research Collaboration (CRC) awards more>

Consultant, Child Health and Development Studies more>

Nonprofit Executive Coaching  more>

Working one-on-one with nonprofit executive directors, focusing on leadership development and strengthening professional and personal relationships

“It is always my deep privilege to witness Marj at work. I'm left with hope and inspiration that diverse groups can collaborate and work effectively to create social change!”
—Belma Gonzalez, b coaching and consulting , Oakland, California

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“My emblem is the Plumbline, which is a tool plumbers use to find a true direction. In assisting clients in finding their true direction, I bring uncompromising candor, playful curiosity, embracement of failure, and always the excitement of exploration.”

—Marj Plumb, DrPH, MNA