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“Involve Marj when you want true, inspired learning and action to occur. Marj has a seeming ease in creating safe environments for groups to work on complicated and arduous issues. Marj tells the truth. And, the women I’ve seen her work with—ethnically diverse women working on community issues throughout California—welcome that truth. She supports them in rising to the challenge, to break through barriers, to take risks and leave behind habits and stories limiting their success. As their ally, Marj is fiercely committed to seeing them achieve their goals through training that draws on their natural strengths and experiences."

—Belma Gonzalez, b coaching and consulting, Oakland, California

Marj develops and conducts innovative, experiential training programs that teach participants how to impact the public policy process through advocacy and lobbying. These programs empower participants with knowledge, experience, and leadership skills.

More effective than a single lobby group, the Women’s Policy Institute amplifies the voices of women who are leading grassroots social justice work, training them on how legislation is made and connecting them to those in power.

The Reach the Decision Makers trains scientists, community members, clinicians and public health professionals to effectively promote environmental reproductive health policies at the US EPA.

Five new states created Women’s Policy Institutes through the WPI Replication Project. Four states—Illinois, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Georgia—have thriving Institutes in their states, training women to advocate and lobby, and to ensure that public policies reflect women’s lives.

“I have seen Marj take a loosely formed group of women, then provide just enough structure, encouragement and determined respect to mold us into a force to be reckoned with in our ability to impact legislation, provide local grassroots community organization, and improve overall health services in the state of California. Marj shapes, but doesn’t push; she guides, yet doesn’t pull; she reflects native talent, but does not hesitate to dazzle with brilliant advice when it is needed.”

—Rae Eby-Carl, Chief Operations Officer, Sutter Lakeside Community Services

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“Marj is a great trainer and facilitator who makes everyone feel valued and supported. She also has a talent for helping people bring out the best in themselves.”

—Luz Chacon

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